Strictly Inspired? “Keep Dancing” for a Happier, Healthier You

18 December, 2018

Strictly fever is in full force and, if you’re feeling inspired, why not take a leap of faith (or should that be a swivel) into the...

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Loneliness isn’t just the province of the old

5 December, 2018

When you picture someone who’s lonely, the stereotype is often an older person who lives alone and hardly sees anyone. Indeed, in the...

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7 Reasons Why Over 75s Aren’t as Lonely as You Think

8 November, 2018

We often hear of the connection between loneliness and the elderly; however, a recent BBC report revealed that young people actually...

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5 Tips to Future-proofing Your Forever Home

17 October, 2018

As we age, we may feel inclined to downsize our homes. It often feels the practical thing to do in the face of declining mobility....

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How to Find Your Feet After a Nasty Trip – and Prevent it Happening Again

27 September, 2018

Anyone can lose their balance and fall, but the older we get, the harder it is to brush off. According to ROSPA, more than 282,000...

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5 Steps to Purchasing a Homelift

5 September, 2018

As Stannah are predominately known for producing stairlifts, you might not realise that we have also been offering homelifts as a...

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Exercising in Older Age

20 August, 2018

The way people talk about exercise, you’d think it could cure anything at all; it’s been proven to reverse physical decline, protect...

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Life Begins at... Retirement

18 June, 2018

Being ambitious doesn't stop at retirement; in fact, for some it's just the beginning with almost one third (31 per cent) of 65 and...

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From Silver Surfers to Silver Socials

31 May, 2018

As part of our regular Silver Census series - which seeks to offer a finger on the pulse of the thoughts of the UK’s over 65s - we...

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Lifts of Every Shape and Size

6 September, 2017

Stairlifts are now a familiar feature in homes and provide treasured independence to hundreds of thousands of people around the world....

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August in the News

6 September, 2017

Here is a round-up of the publications which have featured articles regarding Stannah in August 2017. If you have any press enquiries...

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Retirement around the world

1 September, 2017

Countries across the globe differ in their approach to retirement and older age. There is often a dichotomy between embracing...

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