Mark Lane in a garden surrounded by daffodils

Accessible gardening: How to transform your garden into an accessible and multifunctional haven with ‘Inclusive Chic’

30 May, 2024

Creating an inclusive and accessible garden shouldn’t mean an institutional-looking environment, devoid of your unique style. If...

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Mark Lane

Little-known gardening laws that could land you a fine of up to £5,000

2 April, 2024

Our gardening expert and BBC Gardener's World presenter Mark Lane has donned his detective hat to uncover gardening laws, often...

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Flowers in various colours

How to create your own sensory Garden, by Mark Lane

30 August, 2023

Our talented gardening expert, Mark Lane, shares his top tips for creating a sensory garden, stimulating all five senses while...

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Mark Lane

What is biophilic design? The benefits of being in nature, explored in the home

16 August, 2023

Our inspirational gardening expert, Mark Lane, praises the mental benefits of Biophilia. The physical and mental health benefits of...

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Bug hotel made with natural materials

How to make a bug hotel with natural materials in just 5 simple steps

19 May, 2023

The Summer is nearly upon us! As always, cherishing time with our loved ones is at the top of our holiday bucket list, so why not get...

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2023 gardening tips

2023 gardening trends revealed, by Mark Lane

30 March, 2023

2023 is just around the corner – and avid green-fingered gardeners will be preparing to plant and prune their way through the new...

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Christmas Hanging Basket

How to make a Christmas Hanging Basket, by Mark Lane

30 November, 2022

Mark Lane, stairlift and home lift company Stannah's gardening expert — who you may enjoy watching on BBC Gardeners’ World and BBC...

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When to prep, plant and prune: Mark Lane’s Garden Planner

12 August, 2022

Amateur gardeners, this one’s for you!

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How to create a pet-friendly garden, by Mark Lane

20 April, 2022

Our gardening guru, Mark Lane, treats us to his top tips to pet-proof your garden – from dangerous plants to design considerations....

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Plant to Plate Calendar: A year of homegrown recipes with Mark Lane and Val Stones

22 February, 2022

Calling all creative cooks and nature nurturers!

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2022 gardening trends revealed, by Mark Lane

17 January, 2022

Our insightful gardening expert, Mark Lane, shares his predictions for gardening trends and terminology in 2022 - from the most...

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How to winter-proof your garden by Mark Lane

23 December, 2021

Our insightful Gardening Expert and BBC Gardeners’ World presenter, Mark Lane, tends to his garden throughout the year – despite...

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