Stannah team at the awards

Stannah UK team scoop prestigious customer service award!

10 July, 2024

The Stannah UK contact centre spent the evening celebrating at the South West Contact Centre Awards ceremony on Friday 28th June after...

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A detached house that can accommodate multigenerational family

Forever Home: Top tips for buying your Forever Home by Vaila Morrison RIBA

3 June, 2024

The demand for a Forever Home has grown steadily last five years, even as Google searches for new homes have dipped, reflecting a...

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Electrically powered homelift

Why choose an electrically powered homelift?

30 May, 2024

As a business that has been making and supplying lifting products for over 150 years, we know a thing or two about lifts and consider...

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Mark Lane in a garden surrounded by daffodils

Accessible gardening: How to transform your garden into an accessible and multifunctional haven with ‘Inclusive Chic’

30 May, 2024

Creating an inclusive and accessible garden shouldn’t mean an institutional-looking environment, devoid of your unique style. If...

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12 tips to improve your mobility and stay active

3 May, 2024

As we age, it’s common to find that activities such as shopping, cleaning and even walking become more difficult due to decreased...

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Caregiver quote family | Princess Diana “family is the most important thing in the world”

Caregiver burnout: Signs, treatment & support

19 April, 2024

Caregiving stress can lead to ‘caregiver burnout’. Use our quiz to spot the signs and learn how to cope if you're feeling overwhelmed.

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Uplifts by Stannah team at the at the Exposanità healthcare exhibition in Italy

Uplifts by Stannah

17 April, 2024

We're delighted to announce the launch of Uplifts by Stannah, our new dedicated homelift brand.

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Stannah stairlift

A stairlift to match your home interior

15 April, 2024

If you were looking to buy a new sofa, dining table or even washing machine, the way it looks would almost certainly be a factor....

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Mark Lane

Little-known gardening laws that could land you a fine of up to £5,000

2 April, 2024

Our gardening expert and BBC Gardener's World presenter Mark Lane has donned his detective hat to uncover gardening laws, often...

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A lady using her Stannah stairlift

How to choose the best stairlift rail

15 March, 2024

If you’re considering a stairlift, one of the first things to think about is how it will fit on your stairs. How is the rail secured?...

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Stannah stairlift models

How long will your stairlift last?

12 March, 2024

Stairlifts are among the most popular mobility aids that help thousands of people maintain their independence to move freely around...

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Stannah named a Which? Recommended Provider

Stannah named a Which? Recommended Provider

4 March, 2024

Leading stairlift and home lift company Stannah has been named Which? Recommended Provider.

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