Val Stones’ courgette, lime & pistachio cake

1 September, 2022

Mark Lane, our gardening expert, encourages harvesting courgettes in September to make the most of your homegrown produce. Here, our...

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Try Val Stones’ baked cod traybake recipe this summer

15 August, 2022

Our August Plant to Plate recipe uses home-grown potatoes as the base for a baked cod traybake. This is thanks to the expertise of our...

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When to prep, plant and prune: Mark Lane’s Garden Planner

12 August, 2022

Amateur gardeners, this one’s for you!

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Feel confident in your abilities, with Kate Sheehan

4 August, 2022

It’s important to feel confident in your abilities, no matter your age. Our treasured occupational therapist from The OT Service, Kate...

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Improve your sleep hygiene: our experts’ top tips for getting the best night’s sleep

15 July, 2022

Our treasured experts, psychologist Jo Hemmings and occupational therapist from The OT Service Kate Sheehan, share their top tips for...

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Sleep – the neglected essential of life, by Kate Sheehan

13 July, 2022

Occupational therapist, the OT Service’s Kate Sheehan, joins our Stannah Collective! In her first blog, Kate builds on our...

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How sleep (or a lack of) can affect mental health, by Jo Hemmings

11 July, 2022

We are thrilled to introduce Jo Hemmings as Stannah’s expert psychologist. Jo has a wealth of experience in behavioural psychology and...

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Pea and mint soup

Pea and Mint Soup, by Val Stones

1 July, 2022

As pea and mint are two of our gardening expert Mark Lane’s suggested harvests in July, baking expert Val Stones has brought the two...

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Carrot cake tray bake

Carrot Cake Tray Bake, by Val Stones

1 June, 2022

Our treasured baking expert, Val Stones, is a firm fan of twists on traditional bakes – as she showed on The Great British Bake Off....

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How to future-proof your Forever Home, by Vaila Morrison

18 May, 2022

Our insightful Inclusive Design expert, Vaila Morrison RIBA of The Inclusive Home, believes that any much-loved home has the potential...

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How to enhance your ‘Forever Home’

18 May, 2022

Our homes are life-enhancing. We make memories, welcome loved ones and raise the next generation(s) in these special spaces.

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Spinach and leek pastry

Homity Pie – a spinach and leek pastry treat, by Val Stones

1 May, 2022

Our talented baking expert, Great British Bake Off star Val Stones, is a big fan of home comforts. There’s no better heart (and...

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