Spinach and leek pastry

Homity Pie – a spinach and leek pastry treat, by Val Stones

1 May, 2022

Our talented baking expert, Great British Bake Off star Val Stones, is a big fan of home comforts. There’s no better heart (and...

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How to create a pet-friendly garden, by Mark Lane

20 April, 2022

Our gardening guru, Mark Lane, treats us to his top tips to pet-proof your garden – from dangerous plants to design considerations....

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How to perfectly temper chocolate, by Val Stones

13 April, 2022

Our treasured baking expert, Great British Bake Off star Val Stones, had to brush up on her baking techniques in order to take on the...

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Stir-fried Asian Chicken Noodle Salad, by Val Stones

1 April, 2022

Our inspiring baking expert, Val Stones, has always run an experimental kitchen at home, and this recipe is no exception. The Great...

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Salmon and broccoli quiche

Salmon and Broccoli Quiche, by Val Stones

1 March, 2022

According to the Plant to Plate Calendar by our very own gardening guru, Mark Lane, and baking expert, Val Stones, the vegetable to...

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Vaila Morrison RIBA’s pick of inclusive products

28 February, 2022

Our inspirational Inclusive Design expert, Vaila Morrison RIBA, shares with us her top picks of technology to introduce throughout the...

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Bubble and Squeak

Colcannon Bubble and Squeak, by Val Stones

24 February, 2022

February is prime time to harvest ‘cabbage’ according to a ‘Plant to Plate Calendar’ crafted by our dream duo, baking expert Val...

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Plant to Plate Calendar: A year of homegrown recipes with Mark Lane and Val Stones

22 February, 2022

Calling all creative cooks and nature nurturers!

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Red velvet Valentine’s cupcakes

Red Velvet Valentine’s Cupcakes by Val Stones

8 February, 2022

Our loved-up baking expert, Val Stones, met her husband as a teenager when they climbed out of a school window together. Now the...

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Beetroot brownies on a wooden tray

Beetroot Brownies, by Val Stones

1 February, 2022

Former Great British Bake Off contestant – and our beloved baking expert – Val Stones has never been afraid to put her own unique spin...

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Val Stones’ top 10 tips for healthier cooking

1 February, 2022

Our talented baking expert Val Stones’ culinary creations are always nice… but sometimes a little naughty! For those looking to curb...

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How to cater for vegetarians and vegans, by Val Stones

25 January, 2022

Our creative baking expert, Val Stones, has been whipping up delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes throughout her life. It all began...

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