Learn how to winter proof your home

Winterproofing checklist: How to protect your home (and wallet) from the elements this Winter

2 November, 2023

As the leaves turn to shades of gold and crimson and the air grows crisp, it's clear that winter is approaching! October and November...

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Granny chic inspired interior

How to transform your home with the ‘Granny Chic’ trend taking TikTok by storm - and it’s easier than you think

31 October, 2023

‘Granny chic’ – the interior design trend taking TikTok by storm - is Googled on average 2,000 times every month and has garnered...

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Stairlift checklist

Stairlift servicing: How to troubleshoot a stairlift in your Forever Home

11 October, 2023

There are thousands of stairlifts across the UK helping to ensure people remain independent in their homes. Before buying or renting a...

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Stannah homelift in a living room

The key benefits of installing a homelift

21 September, 2023

If you wish to improve accessibility, add value and future-proof your home, installing a home lift might be the safest and most...

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Family of 3 generations sitting around kitchen table

How to age happily, according to an occupational therapist

18 September, 2023

Our treasured occupational therapist, Kate Sheehan, shares her advice for ensuring you age joyfully, and the practical steps that can...

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Mother and daughter holding hands

How to have difficult conversations with ageing parents

7 September, 2023

Our experienced occupational therapist, Kate Sheehan, shares her top advice for starting difficult conversations with older parents...

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Flowers in various colours

How to create your own sensory Garden, by Mark Lane

30 August, 2023

Our talented gardening expert, Mark Lane, shares his top tips for creating a sensory garden, stimulating all five senses while...

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Mark Lane

What is biophilic design? The benefits of being in nature, explored in the home

16 August, 2023

Our inspirational gardening expert, Mark Lane, praises the mental benefits of Biophilia. The physical and mental health benefits of...

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Multigenerational travellers

Silver Sunseekers: How to master Multigenerational travel

9 August, 2023

Multigenerational travel (holidays with three generations of a family) has risen in popularity post-Covid as families look to spend...

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Mark Lane

Mark Lane’s top ten tips to make gardening with limited mobility soothing and stress-free

1 August, 2023

Our talented gardening expert, Mark Lane, shares his top 10 tips to make gardening easy when you have limited mobility. Whether a...

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Everything you need to know about reconditioned stairlifts

25 July, 2023

With a growing market for accessibility aids at homein the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, reconditioned stairlifts have gained...

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Sign with Open

Stannah’s Pre-Loved Guide: A one-stop shop for buying and selling pre-loved treasures

27 June, 2023

The trend for second-hand shopping has taken off in recent years - with more than 4,000 stores in the UK that specialise in selling...

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