Winterproofing checklist: How to protect your home (and wallet) from the elements this Winter

2 November, 2023
Learn how to winter proof your home

As the leaves turn to shades of gold and crimson and the air grows crisp, it's clear that winter is approaching! October and November are perfect for preparing your Forever Home for the cold months ahead. Winterproofing your home is about staying warm and cosy, protecting your haven, and saving on energy costs. Whether you're settling into a new Forever Home or have been in it for years, here's a comprehensive guide and checklist to ensure your home is ready to withstand the winter chill without breaking the bank with sky-high energy bills. 

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What is winterproofing?  

Winterproofing is making sure your home is energy-efficient and making necessary preparations to protect your home and well-being from cold weather and harsh winter conditions, whether undertaking maintenance jobs (or hiring someone to do so!), stocking up on winter warmers or making simple changes at home.  

Why should you winter proof your home?  

Now more than ever, winterproofing is key to help you save money on your energy bills. You’ll save money on energy bills by installing loft insulation and pipes, sealing gaps, maintaining heating systems, and other winterproofing measures while creating a more sustainable and comfortable living environment.   

In addition to financial savings, winterproofing protects your home from the potential damage caused by harsh winter weather, extending the longevity of your property and contributing to its overall well-being, making it a wise and essential investment in the long-term quality and value of your Forever Home. 

 Winterproofing the house


The top three ways to tackle expensive heating costs this winter:  

  • Install heavy curtains and blinds in your living room and bedrooms to prevent heat from escaping and maintain warm air naturally inside your home  
  • Identify and seal gaps and cracks in your home's external walls and interior. Look for draught around doors and windows, and use a draught excluder or sealant to prevent heat loss from rooms  
  • Properly maintain your fireplace and stock up on firewood if you have one. It can be a more cost-effective alternative to using radiators. However, when not in use, close the damper to prevent cold air draught  

Our handy winterproofing checklist is your go-to guide for home protection when temperatures drop this winter. From easy tasks you can do yourself to investments and third-party support, we've got you covered. With our checklist, your home will be well-prepared for a cosy and hassle-free winter.   

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Along with your home, preparing your garden for winter is essential to ensure its vibrancy and beauty come spring.  

 Our green-fingered gardening expert, Mark Lane, shares his top tips for a successful winter garden:  

 Plants during winter

“Grow plants like Pelargonium, Salvia, Canna lily, Begonia, Dahlia, and certain Fuchsia. These plants later can find shelter in a cool greenhouse, on a porch, or within a cooler area of your home as houseplants like Pelargonium. To safeguard the plant pots, you can make use of recycled bubble wrap; simply encircle it around the pots and fasten it securely with string or bulldog clips. As for the plants themselves, the use of horticultural fleece is recommended. Gently wrap it around your plants and secure it in place using string. By taking these steps, you'll be well on your way to a winterproofed garden that will flourish when the frost thaws.”   

Winter proof your home to maintain your comfort, safety, and the longevity of your property. By following the checklist, you can create a warm and energy-efficient home that will serve you well through the colder weather and for many years to come. Investing in winterproofing is not only a wise financial decision but also a means to ensure that your Forever Home remains a haven of warmth and security, regardless of the weather outside. 


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