Stannah Voted Best Stairlift Brand in Which? Report

9 January, 2019

Stannah, the leading stairlift manufacturer and supplier in the UK, has been rated the top stairlift brand in a new Which? report, with an overall customer score of 75% - 8% more than its competitors.

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The survey asked 754 people who have bought stairlifts either for themselves, or someone else in the past 10 years to rank the product based on the following categories: reliability, usability, comfort, quality, look, safety, batteries and value for money. Ranked on a five-star scale, Stannah achieved predominantly four out of five stars across the board, outdoing the competition in areas including; reliability, usability, quality and safety.


Nearly half (48%) of Stannah customers opted for a curved stairlift, tailored to fit the shape of a given home’s stairs for a smooth, comfortable ride. Comparatively, only 34% of customers buying from other stairlift brands selected a curved alternative.  Of the big brands Stannah ranked best in proportion of satisfied customers (88%) for sales practice and value for money. 

Patrick Stannah, MD of Stannah, commented:

‘’It is a great honour to be voted the best stairlift provider in the UK, ahead of the reputable names in the industry. We understand the life-enhancing value of a stairlift, so pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and delivering a personable, high standard of service to ensure our customers feel happy and reassured. We’re pleased to score highly across the board, especially in the all-important factors of quality, safety and reliability. Innovation is at the forefront of our minds in our pursuit of maintaining and exceeding, standards to improve our customers’ lives.”

Our range of stairlifts offers peace of mind, as it allows you to continue living in the home that you love. That way you can save energy to do all the pleasurable things in life and keep on being you! For straight and curved stairs, our stairlifts are designed to meet your exact specifications and fit your home perfectly.  Plus, with every new stairlift purchase, we offer a 2 year warranty, with 2 free services - as standard. Contact us to find out more

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Stannah has evolved from a small family business founded in 1867 to a globally renowned mobility industry leader. Over the past 40 years, we’ve helped over 900,000 people, confirming the sustainability and longevity of the brand.


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