Stannah unveils new homelift products

17 May, 2012

New homelifts bring independence to a wider audience and expand the Stannah range further.

World leading stairlift manufacturer Stannah is has unveiled two new homelifts designed to meet the needs of a broader range of people, helping to improve the quality of users’ lives.

The Stratum is a vertical lift that transports users smoothly, quietly and safely between floors. Its self-supporting structure means it does not require any major structural alterations to be fitted. The Stratum comes in a range of sizes from a compacted seated model to the largest model which can accommodate any category A or B wheelchair. It also incorporates a number of safety features including 30 minutes fire integrity, pressure sensitive surfaces to stop the lift if obstructed and complies fully with the new BS5900 (2012) safety standard. The Stratum is available to order immediately.

The Salise represents the most revolutionary addition to Stannah’s product range, because it is suitable for everyone, not just those with mobility issues. It sets a new standard in home living because it requires no major structural work to be fitted, yet can transport up to two people between floors whilst also fitting neatly into your home. This stylish and easy to use lift is designed for any user with one simple objective: to make life just that little bit easier within the home. The Salise is available to order immediately.

Patrick Stannah, joint managing director of Stannah Lift Services, said: “The launch of our new homelifts is important to us as a business because we are taking the brand to new users.

“The strategy behind these products is to help more users with mobility issues to stay in their homes for longer, but also reach out to those people who simply want a home lift to make life easier.

“By making our mobility products more flexible and stylish we can help a greater range of people benefit from the independence a mobility product can bring.

“At the same time, we recognise that people are leading increasingly busy lives and that those without mobility issues can benefit from the convenience a homelift can bring. This is why we have introduced the Salise, as it allows us to draw on our lift heritage to enter a new market.”

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