Stannah Stairlifts Launches Innovative Balance App

22 November, 2017

Stannah Stairlifts has launched a free app to help healthcare professionals work with patients to improve balance. The Balance app, which is the first of its kind, has been designed and developed with both professionals and private individuals in mind.

The Balance app will be launched to professionals at the Occupational Therapy Show at the NEC Birmingham on 22 - 23 November. The OT show delivers the very latest in ground-breaking technologies to the sector.

Stannah Balance App

As a world leader in helping customers with movement, access and mobility for 150 years, the app is the next step for Stannah in providing innovative and forward thinking products for customers.

Falls are the leading cause of accident-related mortality in older people across the UK and can reduce the number of disability-free years. According to ROSPA, more than 282,000 people over the age of 65 were admitted to hospital because of a fall in 2014/5.

The app has been clinically tested and will provide a valuable tool to the therapist sector in helping to improve balance and balance confidence through exercises. Home based exercise can reduce the risk of falls by 22%.

The Balance app has been developed in conjunction with the Royal College of Art, leading OT professionals and potential users to reduce the risk and often just as importantly the fear of falling. The app can be used alongside other therapy methods, with patients being able to access the app and follow the simple steps in their own homes.

Patients are taken through a variety of stages of difficulty which become more challenging as their balance improves. They are talked through a range of simple moves, including rest periods. The user can place their phone in their pocket whilst using the app, giving them freedom of movement as they follow the exercises.

As patients work through the stages they will build greater muscle strength, thus improving their posture. The Balance app will also help patients gain confidence, giving them greater mobility and independence.

Helen Stirrup, fifth generation Stannah family member, qualified occupational therapist and occupational health consultant at the Stannah business said;

“Some people may be unaware that their balance is something that can be improved. With some short exercises that can be easily incorporated into a daily routine it is possible to improve balance and most importantly confidence. We are delighted to be launching Stannah Balance to give occupational therapists another tool to tackle the loss of confidence that can come with poor balance or as a result of a fall.”

Kate Sheehan, one of the UK’s leading occupational therapists and founder of The OT Service, commented;

“As we age our risk of tripping and falling increases, this is often due to poor balance. Stannah have worked with industry experts and older people to create the Balance app. Using structured exercises that target and improve core stability, this excellent new product can be utilised as part of a prevention programme of therapeutic intervention, reducing risk and maintaining clients independence”.

The Balance App is available for download via iTunes.

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