Stannah Silver Census reveals the UK’s healthiest and loneliest pensioners

27 January, 2015

Scottish pensioners live far healthier lifestyles than their peers in other UK cities, a surprising new study has found.

  • 79% of elderly Scots eat healthily to stay young at heart
  • Elderly in Edinburgh loneliest in the UK while Glaswegians most sociable

A nationwide survey of those aged 65 and over - commissioned by Stannah - found that 79% of elderly Scots eat healthily to stay young at heart, with one in three still taking regular exercise despite old age.

In contrast, Londoners lead the least healthy lifestyles, with less than two thirds (60%) eating well, challenging the ingrained stereotype that Scots eat badly.

The same research found that women over the age of 65 try harder to socialise and 'stay young at heart' than men. They are also more likely to care about their appearance and maintain a positive attitude to change in their later years, in comparison to their male counterparts.

An additional finding of the research was that money doesn't buy happiness in old age, with 89% of those questioned saying spending time with family and friends, going on holiday and keeping healthy was far more pleasurable.

The Stannah Silver Census, a bi-annual survey, questions 1,000 adults over 65 to provide a finger on the pulse of an oft-overlooked segment of British society.

Patrick Stannah, managing director of Stannah Stairlifts, said:

"While the Scottish diet often draws criticism and is used as the butt of jokes, our research clearly shows older Scots like to keep fit and eat healthily and this is an attitude that many under 65s should consider adopting.

"Sadly, loneliness is still a major issue, especially for the people in Edinburgh. Picking up the phone or stopping by for a cup of tea with your elderly relatives or neighbours doesn't take long but can have a huge impact on their lives."

"We urge everyone across the UK to spend more time with their elderly family members or friends, be it in person or through conversations over the phone."

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