Over 65s oppose 75K social care cap

23 July, 2013

68% of Britain’s over 65s think proposed social care cap is unfair.

Government plans to limit the amount the elderly have to pay towards their own social care at £75,000 are “unfair”, new research of Britain’s retirees shows.

The proposed cap was suggested earlier this year as a way of preventing the elderly from having to sell their homes to fund their care.

But in fact the research shows that of those who think the cap is unfair, 70% want income taxes to go up instead, in order to make up the shortfall.

The Stannah Silver Census, commissioned by world leading British manufacturer Stannah, questioned 1,000 adults over 65 to provide a voice for an oft-overlooked segment of British society.

The research also shows:

  • Over 65s want the government to prioritise healthcare spending on hospitals (40%), followed by specialist treatment units (14%) and then local GP surgeries (13%)
  • 18% feel neglected by the NHS and don’t feel they are “getting back what I put in”
  • The biggest fear for retirees is going into a care home (46%) followed by not having the freedom to do what they want in later life (26%)

Patrick Stannah, joint managing director of Stannah Lift Services, said:

"The social care cap has been touted as a way of increasing fairness, yet this research shows a majority of over 65s think it is distinctly unfair. This is concerning given it is a key element of the proposed social care reforms. It is important we find a solution that balances the increasing demands and cost of social care with the financing of these services."

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