Over 2 million grey votes still up for grabs

14 April, 2015

In the lead up to the 2015 Election, there have been countless articles written regarding the policy offerings from each political party. With subjects such as environment, transport and education being at the fore-front of this discussion, it leaves little to no thought placed on the UK’s increasing older generation and addressing their needs.


This statement proves fruitful in the recent YouGov nationwide survey of those aged 65 and over – commissioned by Stannah – which found that 21% are still undecided while 59% say they intend to vote for the same party they usually vote for.

The Stannah Silver Census, a bi-annual survey, questions 1,005 adults aged 65 and over with the objective to provide an insight into an often-overlooked segment of British society. In light of the upcoming election, the survey has additionally revealed that by a large margin women aged 65 and over are far more likely to say they are undecided (29%) compared to men (12%).

The YouGov research also reveals that a majority of pensioners (60%) feel that the political parties’ current policies do not reflect their needs – men are particularly unhappy with 18% planning on voting for a different party than the one they usually vote for. Only 1% of the male sample surveyed said that they will not vote.

When asked about the spending cuts made by the coalition government, 40% said they had made them feel less economically secure.

Patrick Stannah, managing director of Stannah Stairlifts, said:
“This research highlights that Britain’s older population continues to feel that politicians don’t understand or reflect on their needs, which is probably why there are so many votes up for grabs with only weeks to the election.
“65s and over have made a huge contribution to their communities during their lifetime and it is important that whoever forms the next government empowers them so they can lead full and independent lives.”

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