Our Top Seven Most Inspiring Grandparents – Revealed!

2 May, 2019

To celebrate over two thirds (66%) of youngsters admiring their grandparents more than celebrities, meet our top seven most inspirational Grandparents. From Britain’s oldest footballer to an anti-ageist activist, these passionate and positive perennials are kickstarting our ’70 over 70’ collection – a list of inspiring later lifers with incredible stories to tell.

1. Dickie BorthwickThe UK’s Oldest Footballer

Eighty-three-year-old, Dickie Borthwick is our most inspiring oldie having played in over 1,600 games since 1948. To celebrate Dickie’s positive attitude to later life and passion for the sport we created a nine-foot-tall paper replica of him.

Papershake Origami project for Stannah


2. Grandma WilliamsBlogger and Anti-ageist Activist

Eighty-year-old grandmother Joyce Williams has taken up blogging to document her life and experiences of everyday ageism. Her attitude to ageing is inspiring, as she fights back against the often negative image of later life.

3. Agnes Rainbow – Foster Mum to Over 100 Children

Agnes Rainbow, a 71-year-old from Bedford, has won Fabulous Foster Mum of the Year having fostered over 100 children. Her passion for helping vulnerable children and young adults is inspiring.

4. Hilary Forde-Chalkley – Achieved Masters Degree

Eighty-two-year-old gran of two Hilary Forde-Chalkly gained a master’s degree in creative writing, 67 years after leaving school. She has since started to write a romantic trilogy.


5. Barbara Peters – The UK’s Oldest Ballerina

Grandmother of eight Barbara Peters is Britain’s oldest ballerina. Now 81, Barbara has danced her whole life but decided to return to lessons in 2015. She is now motivating other oldies through her new Silver Swans initiative.

6. Bob Weighton – The UK’s Oldest Man

At the grand age of 111, Bob Weighton is England’s oldest man. He’s still very active, making windmills and ornaments from recycled wood in his workshop – all while keeping up with his three children, 10 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren!

7. Bill Frankland – Britain’s Oldest Doctor

Bill Frankland is the UK’s oldest doctor at the age of 107. The grandfather of 10 and great-grandfather of three qualified before the birth of the NHS and is yet to fully retire.

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