How long will your stairlift last?

12 March, 2024
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Stairlifts are among the most popular mobility aids that help thousands of people maintain their independence to move freely around their homes. If you own a stairlift, you might wonder how to make the most of it and keep it running for a long time. 

Did you know that the average life of a stairlift is between 7 and 10 years?

However, just like any other type of machinery, with regular maintenance and TLC, you can keep using it for many years to come. 


There are some important factors that can impact the longevity of your lift though.

  • Quality of your stairlift 

If you’re looking to purchase a stairlift, we’d always advise you to purchase it from a reputable stairlift company, like Stannah. We are not just selling our stairlifts, but as a stairlift manufacturer, we design and manufacture our products here in the UK. All of our stairlifts are built on the principles of reliable design, pleasing aesthetics and long-term value while complying with all the safety regulations.

  • Weight of user/users and frequency of use

Equally important reasons regarding the reliable performance and longevity of your stair lift are the number of people using it and their weight. Depending on the weight of the user, there might be more pressure on the seat that will require more power to run the lift up and down the stairs. 

A polar bear sitting on a Stannah stairlift

The number of people using the stairlift, as well as how often you use it can impact its lifespan and performance. 

  • Stairlift maintenance and servicing

A stair lift just like any other machinery needs regular maintenance to keep it running in perfect condition. 

Stairlift engineer servicing a Stannah stairlift

Having a service contract in place will ensure your stairlift continues to work smoothly for many years of stress-free stair travel! Taking out a service contract allows you to budget for ongoing repair costs and get quick response times if you have an issue.  During a service visit, one of our fully qualified Stannah stairlift engineers will thoroughly check over your lift, adjust and lubricate if needed to help prevent problems and breakdowns. The engineers will identify if there are any worn or faulty parts and replace them before any problems occur. 


  • Type of stairs (straight or curved)

The most common staircase you can find is a straight staircase that has no turn. Usually, stairlifts that are installed at straight stairs might last longer. 

On the other hand,a stairlift installed at a staircase with bends or turns, depending on the number of floors they reach and how narrow the staircase is, can impact its performance and therefore its lifespan. A steep incline for example will increase the stress on the system.

  • Type of stairlift (indoor or outdoor)

It’s worth mentioning that the environment where your lift is installed is crucial.  Outdoor stairlifts aren’t so protected from different weather conditions, from heavy rain and wind to temperatures that can fluctuate from cold to very hot. That type of stairlift is ideal for a flight of outside stairs or just a few steps down to your garden.  

outdoor stairlift swivel

They come with a self-charging battery means the outdoor stairlift will continue its journey even in the event of a power cut. Even though many companies including Stannah, will also provide you with a protective cover to shield your stairlift, exposure to harsh weather might impact its reliability.


There are also other ways to look after your stairlift, like regular cleaning to keep dust and dirt off your rail. With an occasional wipe with a damp cloth, you can keep your upholstery looking as good as new for as long as possible. 


Quick tips to extend the life of your stairlift

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Wondering what happens to stairlifts that haven't been used for a long time? 

At Stannah, we recondition stairlifts that haven’t been used for more than 5 years. A pre-owned and preloved Stannah stairlift will always be fully reconditioned and rigorously tested by our team of engineers. Every refurbished stairlift chair is deeply cleaned, fully tested, and thoroughly inspected for any damage, and they come with a brand new battery.

Wondering what happens to your stairlift when it’s no longer needed? 

If you no longer need a stairlift, you can call a stairlift company and an engineer will come and remove it for you, the removal usually will takes a few hours. If the stairlift has been purchased directly from Stannah, please complete and submit a form found on our removals page, and a member of our removals team will be in touch to confirm the next steps. 

Stannah engineer removing a curved stairlift

Rest assured, that as part of our commitment to sustainability, we will professionally and responsibly remove and dispose of the stairlift in an environmentally friendly way, recycling parts wherever possible.

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With more options than ever before, you can choose a comfortable stairlift that compliments your home interior and best reflects your unique style.

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