Bestow ‘little lifts’ this Bank Holiday with Stannah’s sweet signs

22 April, 2021

We proudly support the Captain Tom Foundation’s ‘Captain Tom 100’ charity challenge, encouraging the nation to do ‘100 anythings’  whether 100 push-ups or baking 100 cupcakes  over the May bank holiday weekend (from Friday 30th April to Monday 3rd May). Together, we can continue Captain Sir Tom’s incredible legacy and raise life-changing funds.  

We’re delighted to help lift the nation with our own ‘100 Little Lifts’ initiative! The goal is simple: show kindness and share positivity. There are 100 ways to give your friends, family and local community a ‘little lift’ that brightens their day. The lovely thing is, one act has the power to make 100 people smile  all it takes is a click!  




Heartfelt handwritten notes

A personal note to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ or remind a relative, friend or colleague why they’re so special goes a long way  particularly if it’s handwritten. In a technological world where texts and emails are de rigeur, seeing a sentimental scrawl is extra special.  

Keen to go the extra mile for those smiles? We’ve collated an initial 10 inspirational, inclusive and inexpensive ideas to help you give others a ‘little lift’ here 

If you plan on bestowing a ‘little lift’, we encourage you to donate pennies or pounds to the wonderful Captain Tom Foundation here 

In the wise words of a national hero and our cherished customer, Captain Sir Tom, “one step has the power to inspire one hundred more”. Be kind and keep on being you.  

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