5 Steps to Purchasing a Homelift

5 September, 2018

As Stannah are predominately known for producing stairlifts, you might not realise that we have also been offering homelifts as a domestic home solution since 2011 when we introduced our Salise through floor lift.

Our full range of homelift products now includes many options ranging from compact solutions that can travel through one floor, through to executive homelifts which can travel over two or more floors and offer the ultimate in luxury. We even offer butler lifts which offer a fantastic aid for townhouse living.

If you’ve been considering having a homelift installed but have worries or concerns about the process and impact this could have on your home, rest assured that it’s actually all a lot easier than you might think.

The first step

We have a team of friendly advisors based here at Stannah HQ in Andover, specifically focussed on our homelifts products who would be happy to talk though what your needs and requirements might be.

As your first point of contact, they will also be able to book you a completely free and no-obligation visit from one of our surveyors, who are able to confidently assess the space within your home, or perhaps the site of a new-build project.

The surveyors will talk to you in even more detail about what your options would be regarding product and what building work might be involved. They will also be able to provide details on what finishes are available and prices for the options you are interested in.

Decisions, decisions!

After our visit you should have all the information you need in order to be able to make a decision but of course, should you have any further questions or concerns you are more than welcome to make contact with our advisors again to talk these through.

If and when you decide to go ahead, our surveyors will then need to carry out a full site survey of your home before placing an order. The site survey is necessary to understand exactly what building work needs to be done and will enable us to draw up plans for builders to work from.

Once an order is placed for a homelift, it will usually take up to 12 weeks for the lift to be manufactured to the exact specifications required for you and your home. You can discuss with the surveyor what dates would be best to work to for installation.

What building work is required?

Our compact homelifts have a self supporting structure which means only the minimum of building work will be required. Usually the only work involved for these types of lifts are for the aperture to be cut in the ceiling to allow the lift to pass through.

There is often more work involved with the installation of our executive and butler lifts but this would be discussed in detail with you by our surveyors and drawn up within our plans when we carry out our survey.

The building work required to install a homelift is usually carried out a few weeks prior to the installation of the product itself. This allows enough time to deal with any unexpected (and unlikely) issue’s that might occur before we arrive with the lift.  Our homelifts team are able to manage this whole process for you but if you have builders that you would particularly like to use then we are more than happy to work with them too.

Installing your lift

As the building work will already have been completed, the actual installation of a compact lift should take about a day and a half.  This would also allow time for a thorough handover so you will know everything you need to know about operating your new homelift.

The installation of our executive lifts can often take a little more time. This will be determined by the survey and discussed with you in plenty of detail by the surveyor.

Aftercare from Stannah Homelifts

Every homelift we provide comes with a free two year warranty that includes two annual services. Should there be any problems with your lift during this time you can contact a UK-based call centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will also have the option to set up a further service contact with us once the warranty has expired.

Still unsure?

If you would like to see one of our lifts in action to help you with your decision, you are very welcome to come and visit us at our head office in Andover, in Hampshire where we have a Salise homelift installed. You can also view our new homelift TV ad to give you an even better idea of how this lift looks and works.


If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail or book an appointment for one of our surveyors to come and visit you, why not give our HL team a call on 0800 077 8739.

Stairlifts made for you

All our stairlifts whether straight or curved are customised to suit you and your home so call now to arrange a visit to get your FREE personalised quote!